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How to log into Field Mobile

Log in, log out, change your password, switch between projects, and more.

This page provides information on:

Logging in

Field Mobile uses your Aconex login name and password as your login.

Open the app and:

  1. Enter your Login Name.
  2. Enter your Password.
  3. Select your Project Location.
  4. You can choose to login automatically by selecting Login automatically next time.

If you enter your details incorrectly or miss a field, you may see an error message. Enter the correct login name and password and click Login to log into Field Mobile. If you cannot remember your login or password, reset your login via Aconex.

Logging into Field Mobile

Logging out

  1. Tap the Home icon.
  2. Tap the Logout button on the top left of the screen.
  3. You'll be logged out and returned to the Login screen.
The Home icon

Forgotten passwords

If you've forgotten your password, go to Aconex or Field Manager to reset it. For more information, see the help on forgotten passwords for Field Manager.

Locked and disabled accounts

If your account is locked out or disabled, you won’t be able to log in.

  • If your account is disabled, you need to speak either with your Org Admin or the Aconex Service Desk to have the account unlocked. See Submit a question for more information.
  • If your account is locked, follow the steps in Forgotten passwords.

Expired password

If your password has expired, you'll be prompted to change it.

You can also reset the password yourself via Aconex.

Switch between projects

  1. If you are working on more than one project in Aconex Field, you can switch between projects by tapping the home icon at the top of the page.
    This will take you to the home screen.
  2. Tap the  Project selector below your name to see the projects you're working on.
The Project selector
  1. Select the project you're working on from the window that displays.
  2. Tap the Select location button.
The Project window
  1. Select the area of the project you're working on using the area dropdowns.
  2. You'll see the list of issues for that area.
Choosing an area
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