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Apply project fields to issue types

If you’ve created project fields for your project you can apply them to issue types

Adding project fields to your issue types is straightforward - but you do need to create them first.

  1. Select Setting from the Module Menu.
  2. Select the Issue Types section.
  1. Any issue types you’ve added to the project will be visible. By default, Defect is always in this list.
  2. Beside each issue type you’ll see a link: Edit fields.

Note that you can only add new project fields from the Aconex web application, not from the Field mobile app.

  1. To add a field to the current issue type, find it in the  Project Fields panel and click the plus icon to its right.

The order that you add fields will be the order that they appear in the issue.

  1. To remove a field from the issue type, click the blue cross on the far right of its row.
  1. Click Save to save your edits.
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