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About Aconex Handover

What does Handover give you?

What do you get from Smart Manuals in Handover?

  • Keyword document search
  • Integrated CAD viewer
  • Graphical navigation
  • Fully updateable, i.e. smart manual data can be updated by editing it in Aconex
  • Aconex backup
  • Accessible online.
  • Asset information Access

Latest features

Sync in Smart Manuals
When more documents and assets are added within a live Aconex project, users can directly call them to Smart Manuals with a single click, using the new Sync button.

New Documents available for Sync
This label will show how many documents are yet to be synced from the web.

Searching Text in PDF
We can search PDFs based on the text inside any document and these documents can be opened with your system's default viewer.

Send Error Report
We will collect all the required logs related to Smart Manuals and attach it as a zip folder in your default mail app. With a simple click, you can send us all the required application information.

Display last sync date and documents
Available to sync along with retaining the order of the columns in the document list.

Ability to handle large documents



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