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Share O&M documents using Supplier Documents

Submit O&M documents for review using the Supplier Documents module.

You'll be sending the documents back using a transmittal. If you're not familiar with Aconex you can find out more about transmittals.

  1. Check the box next to the document/s you need to submit.
Selecting the document

In the image above we're only going to send one of the requested documents back to the client.

  1. Click in the Comments Out section to add any necessary comments you want to be seen by the reviewer.
Adding comments
  1. Click the Create Transmittal button.

Creating the transmittal
  1. When the  Transmittal page loads, include any comments for the reviewer.
  2. Make sure all mandatory fields have been completed. Mandatory fields are marked in yellow. 
  3. Click the Send button in the top-right corner.

You won't need to select a person's name to send your document to — that’s filled in automatically.

In some cases the other mandatory fields (marked in yellow) will also be filled in automatically for you.

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