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Tag documents already in Aconex for inclusion in Handover Manuals

Tag the documents in Aconex so that they are included in the correct sections of the O&M manual.

Tagging your documents correctly is the key step when you're preparing for handover.

Tagging your documents

Smart Manuals
Tag your documents with Discipline, Document Type and Asset references. Find out more about Asset references.

For example, imagine a building where 3 air-conditioning units of the same make and model are being installed. The operating instructions document for the air-conditioning units should be uploaded with asset numbers such as ACU-01, ACU-02 and ACU-03 recorded against it (from a multi-select field containing the list of all asset numbers).

1. Right-click anywhere along the document title’s line.

open doc

Don’t have access? Contact your Organization Administrator. They can change your permission settings in Aconex.

2. Select Supersede Document.

  1. This step depends on how you or the Project Administrator configured your document register. In most cases you'll either:
    • Select Handover from the Status dropdown, or
    • Click Handover Doc checkbox.
      If you're not sure of the mechanism you need to use, contact your Project Administrator.
  2. Update Discipline.
  3. Update Document Type.
  4. If you're using assets in the manual, update the Asset Reference.
  5. Click Supersede Document.
tagged document

If you’re tagging multiple documents at once, see Supersede the affected documents in bulk.

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