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Check your documentation

Check the documentation you're including in an O&M Manual before you deliver it to Aconex.

To deliver Smart Manuals and Dynamic Manuals, we need you to give us:

  • the documents (e.g. drawings, schedules, reports, manuals, etc.)
  • an Asset Reference list (or equivalent, e.g. equipment list or room reference list)
  • an image for the manual's home screen and optional second-level screen.


You can send us your documents in any format, but keep in mind that these documents will need to be opened by the client. 

We recommend you use common formats where you can: 

  • PDF

  • Word

  • Excel.

Smart Manuals and Dynamic Manuals are also able to open and view native CAD files. 

Sending drawings and plans in CAD format is preferable. It's likely that the client will need to amend these plans to incorporate any work done on the building after the O&M manual is handed over.

Drawings (e.g. plans, sections, elevations etc.) ideally need to be provided in AutoCAD DWG format. This allows them to be used in the future should the asset or building be modified. Smart Manuals  and Dynamic Manuals allows user to open DWG files without installing any extra software.

You can also upload drawings as readable or searchable PDF files. If the PDF isn't readable, we won't be able to generate hotspots in it.

If a drawing contains XREFs it must be bound using the AutoCAD BIND feature. You can find out more about this on the AutoCAD help site.

Smart Manuals and Dynamic Manuals can't read files in a ZIP archive, so all your documents must be registered in Aconex as individual documents. Note, though, that using the multi-upload feature in Aconex allows a zipped collection of documents to be uploaded, and will unzip them automatically.

The Asset Reference List

An asset reference list is a list of installed equipment and assets within a building. Typically this list will contain relevant information about each piece of equipment, for example, the make and model of the item.

Your Aconex Handover Manual includes a dedicated section called Assets, where you can access all this information.

In Smart Manuals and Dynamic Manuals, the Assets section also connects asset information with the site plans or drawings. This means you can click on an asset hotspot on the site plan to get to all the documentation about that asset.

The asset reference list is typically a spreadsheet that provides all the asset details, such as:

  • asset reference (or Tag or Equipment number): a unique identifier for the item. The name you give this column in your spreadsheet should match your Asset reference field label in Aconex.
  • Description: the name of the item
  • Service (or Discipline or Trade): e.g. electrical, mechanical, fire
  • Make
  • Model
  • Manufacturer. 

This list can contain any information you want to include about the asset or reference, including room references, areas, and buildings, but the details listed above are the ones that will appear in your manual.

Note that Smart Manuals and Dynamic Manuals use the Service data in combination with the asset references to find the relevant information for each asset. If you don’t include a Service column in your asset register, we’ll automatically create the column and populate it with the Discipline data from your asset register. We recommend that you include the column in your asset register so that there are no surprises.

This information will be used by the client to find specific assets when they are using the finished Handover Manuals product.

An image for the home screen

Choose any image for the landing page that displays when a user opens your manual. You might choose images of:

  • the site plan
  • photo of the building or
  • an elevation.

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