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Find documents for an Asset in Smart Manuals

There are many options available to find documents in your Smart Manuals.

You can quickly find information in Smart Manuals by searching for documents and using the landing page.

  1. Enter your query in Search field within the Find group of the viewer and press Enter to see a list of results. You can sort these by clicking the column titles.
  2. Open the file you want to view by clicking its title.
The search box in O&M Smart Manuals

If your Smart Manuals have been set up with a graphical landing page, you can navigate your documents using it.

  1. Start by clicking on a building image to access the documents for a given location.
  2. Click on a floor or location on the architectural drawing.
Selecting the floor from the plan
  1. Select the document type you need from the dropdown menu that appears:
  • drawing
  • manual
  • report
  • schematic
  • specification.
Selecting the document type
  1. Select the document you want to view from the list.

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