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Scan for Hotspots and identify Assets in your Smart Manual

Scan Drawings for assets and hotspots

Use the following methods to update your list of assets and identify hotspots in your Drawings.

Scan Drawings for hotspots

  1. Select one or multiple documents in the list,
  2. Right-click and select Scan Selected.
  3. Smart Manuals will scan the selected document(s) for assets and create hotspots.
scan selected

Scanning the documents will remove any existing hotspots and create hotspots for identified assets.

Scan a single Drawing for hotspots

  1. Scan a single drawing by selecting the Scan Drawing button.
  2. This will scan the selected document for assets and create hotspots.
scan drawing

Scan All Drawings

  1. Scan all the drawings in the manual by selecting Scan All Drawings.
  2. This will scan the all the downloaded document for assets and create hotspots.
scan all drawings

Identify and Extract Assets

Use this option to detect potential Assets in your Drawings which you can then configure as Hotspots.

  1. From an opened drawing select Extract Assets.
  2. This produces a list of scannable text in your Drawing, which can be configured as hotspots. 
  3. You can scroll the list of identified assets and click Go To Selected yo view its location in the drawing.
  4. Click Report to produce a printable version of the identified asset list.
extract assets

To use this information to create hotspots you must add the Asset in Aconex, tag the asset against the Document in Aconex.  Then assign a service to the Asset, and Scan the Drawing.

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