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Learn how a Delays process can help improve the way you work.

What is it?

A Delay notice allows one party to let another know of a delay to the work they’re performing. This notice can simply be a heads up or can be the beginning of more formal actions like Extensions of Time and Claims.

Why would you want it?

A Delays process provides visibility to the project team and allows other parties to adjust plans if necessary.

What does it look like?

What is our recommendation for managing it with Aconex?

We think Mail is the most powerful way of managing Delays.

Additional Aconex tools you could use

Common features we see clients take advantage of when using Mail are Mail Forms, Restricted Fields and Mail Type Rules. Mail Forms and Restricted Fields allow project teams to capture and report on additional structured data while Mail Type Rules provide guidance as to what types of mail are best to respond with.

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