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Shop Drawing Review

Discover how a structured Shop Drawing Review process can help improve the way you work.

What is it?

Shop Drawings show how the construction team plans to build a project. A review of these drawings takes place to ensure completeness, to show conformance with the design and construction documents and to allow for approval and sign off of any known changes. Shop Drawings are usually submitted for review as per an agreed schedule and can result in other processes such as RFIs and Change Requests.

Aconex is routinely used for the management of Shop Drawing Reviews. The diagram below depicts the steps typically seen in a Shop Drawing Review process.

Why would you want it?

Shop Drawing reviews ensure accuracy and provide visibility into the details of the project. Poor Shop Drawing reviews can lead to costly errors and rework, putting the project schedule at risk

What does it look like?

The Shop Drawing reviews workflow.

Preparing to introduce a Shop Drawing Review process

Here are some things to consider when looking at introducing a Shop Drawing Review process:

Do you have an established review procedure?

  • Workflows provide repeatable, structured ways to complete these.

What are the reporting requirements?

  • Workflows allow you to track and report on status and response in real-time across all organizations involved.

How does the process handle review comments?

  • Workflows allows review comments to be placed directly on a PDF document or as a comment sheet inclusion. Both options integrate the comments into the process.

Does your procedure require wet signatures?

  • Workflows make use of a registered document so wet signatures can be included in the document itself.

Are all participants in the process using Aconex?

  • Workflows require that all participants are Aconex users to provide better efficiency and visibility. If all your participants aren’t Aconex users, you can use Transmittals, which allow both users and non-users of Aconex to participate.

What is our recommendation for managing a Shop Drawing Review process with Aconex?

Aconex recommends the use of Workflows to manage this process.

Additional Aconex tools you could use

Clients who use Workflows commonly use Templates and Review Sets. Templates provide a quick, repeatable process while Review Sets allow projects to ensure the right review terminology is used for the step of the procedure.

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