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Email 3rd Party Organizations

To save you some time and effort, we’ve written a sample email you can send out to external organizations

The organizations you’ll be working with on your project, need to be registered with Aconex to be able to use it.

Registering an external organization with Aconex

Before you contact a 3rd party, it’s best to check that they are not already registered by searching for them in the Global Directory. If they are already registered, they do not have to do so again. 

If you are the paying client you can add the 3rd party to the project by sending an Aconex mail or through the project participants page

3rd party email template

Dear <organization contact name>,

Welcome to the <project name>, which we are running using Aconex. To use Aconex yourselves, we need you to register your organization first. To do this, please follow this link to open the registration form in Aconex.

Once you’ve submitted this form, the Aconex Service Desk team will validate and register your organization within 24 hours. Please note that:

  • The person who completes the form automatically becomes the Organization Administrator for your company. Amongst other task, they are responsible for creating your organization’s user accounts.

  • This person should also create another Org Admin user to ensure there’s always at least one Org Admin who can be contacted by other users.

  • If your Org Admin is new to Aconex, they should watch this online training which introduces basic tasks such as creating new users and assigning user roles.

If you have any questions, please contact <add your contact details>.

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