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Getting your team ready to go live

Don’t miss a step getting Aconex up and running—use our checklists to tick off the most common tasks involved in the implementation process.

As the person responsible for implementing Aconex for your project, it’s likely that you’ll be the go-to person informing the team about how to use Aconex, their roles, and signing up. In this article we’ll look at:

  • Go-live preparation – what you need to do before getting others involved
  • Project introduction – what to tell your team about using Aconex
  • Frequently used project and Org Admin tasks – a handy list for your admins
  • Email templates and cheat sheets – downloads designed to make life easier

Go-live preparation: Checklist

You’ll want to tick off these tasks before your project goes live. This ensures that you and your team are prepared to kick off your project on your go-live date without any delays.

  • Create user accounts for colleagues and assign roles to them so that they’re ready to get started on Aconex from day one.
  • Ensure external organizations are registered on Aconex so that they can access the project without any delays.
  • Make sure external project participants have set up their Aconex accounts—their own Org Admins can help with this.
  • Finalize project procedure documentation.
  • Suggest project participants check out Aconex training on Support Central. We recommend checking out Aconex Essentials to learn more about the most common tasks.
  • Upload a logo for your project to keep things looking professional.
  • Advise team members of your project’s go-live date.

When it’s time to introduce your project and Aconex to your team, you’ll likely get asked quite a few questions. Here’s how you can point folks in the right direction.

For questions around what Aconex is and how to use it:

Aconex Essentials – Visit our Essentials site to learn all about what Aconex is, why it’s a smart choice for your project, and how to perform the most common tasks

For common Organization Administrator and Project Admin tasks:

Org Admin guide – Learn what it means to be an Org Admin and how to perform some of the most common tasks you’ll be asked about, like managing user accounts, managing user roles and permissions, and setting organizational preferences.

Project Admin guide – Learn what it means to be a Project Admin and how perform some of the most common tasks you’ll be asked about, like setting up a new project, managing organizations on your project, and managing your project’s settings.

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