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Setup Services

Our Setup Services are part of each order to get you up and running quickly and efficiently, while providing flexibility for what’s important to your team.

Years of experience. Thousands of projects. We know what’s needed to get you and your team started. Our Setup Services provide a solid foundation for your project.

What’s included?

Upto 16 hours with one of our Consultants to discuss and configure your project using one of our baseline configurations. This can include review of:

We’ll also provide a Project settings report documenting the final agreed upon configuration.

Link to full service description.

Easy, right? Let’s break that down in plain English.

Your Consultant will work with you to get a thorough understanding of what’s important to your organization so your project can be appropriately configured. Here’s what that might look like.   

Settings for document fields, values, mail types and mail settings: Perhaps you need different mail types or a new document field to support a specific process.

Organization roles: In most cases, they won’t require changing, but with certain modules, it may make sense to create new roles or change existing ones.

Security settings: If your organization has particular security or password requirements, we’ll address those here.

Workflow Review status requirements: We’ll walk you through how to create your own workflow review status sets for documents.

Project-wide autonumbering for document classification: We highly recommend having a project-wide numbering convention. If you already have one, we’ll show you how to setup and manage a scheme, and then how to create new ones. If you don’t have a convention, we’ll help you set one up.

Project settings report: When we’ve fine-tuned your project’s configuration, we’ll provide you with a Project Settings Report, showing you exactly how your project has been setup and customized.

Remember, you don’t need to do anything special to receive Setup Services­—it’s part of every order.

Combined with our Implementation Process we’ll make sure we get you and your team off to the best possible start.

Remember too, that we offer unlimited support and training access via Support Central.

Need something that’s not included?

Check out our range of fee-based Professional Services.

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