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What you should know before talking to your IT team about Aconex

Aconex has some advantages for businesses over on-premises hardware solutions, read on to find out more.

It doesn’t matter how good a new type of software is: if it doesn’t meet your organization’s IT and security requirements, it's not going to be implemented. Read this article to understand some of the concepts and conversations you may have with your IT team when rolling out Aconex.

IT professionals like those at your business are trusted to choose software solutions that help employees work smarter, while also keeping things secure, stable, and easy to use. (No one wants to go through multiple rounds of, “Have you tried turning that on and off again?”) Luckily, Aconex provides all this and more.

When it comes time to chat with your IT department about Aconex, let us help you explain why Aconex is a great fit for your organization. Read on to learn more about:

  • Why Aconex is a smart choice for your organization
  • How Aconex keeps your company’s information secure
  • And how we can help save on operational costs

But before we get started…

What is this SaaS stuff?

Aconex is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that allows organizations to manage projects of all sizes in a collaborative environment. There’s no more installing hardware on individual computers; instead, everything is delivered online through a subscription.

By eliminating costs associated with hardware, software and labor that are required to maintain an in-house project information management system, SaaS provides IT benefits that on-premise services just can’t match.

Contractors, consultants, suppliers, and others can all share and manage project information through a single system, which means higher-quality and lower-risk project delivery, all on time and within budget.

Why Aconex is the right SaaS for your project

It’s not a secret that we love SaaS—and we think you will, too. Here are the benefits.

No installation

As long as users have a web browser available, they can use Aconex.

No upgrades

Forget about managing software upgrades or installing different versions—all upgrades and expansion are performed by Aconex during weekly scheduled maintenance times.

It’s reliable

Our data centers deliver optimized service to all regions, with full data back-up. Our 24/7 operations team also handles deploying Aconex to your instance, monitoring, maintenance, and repair, so you can work anywhere, anytime.

Work across organizations on your projects

With Aconex, users have a single point of access for all project documents and correspondence, making collaborating with others seamless.

Supported by the programs you use

Aconex works smoothly on the most common browsers and mobile devices with minimal system requirements.

Keeping your information secure

We take security seriously. With Aconex as your organization’s central information repository, your confidential information is kept safe and sound. Here’s how we do it.  

No more worrying about third-party info

Aconex takes responsibility—and any legal risks—for hosting and securing information from third-party organizations on the project. 

One single point of access

All project documents and correspondence are stored within Aconex, making it more secure than sending via email or housing information across hard drives and physical devices.

Secure uploads and downloads

In Aconex, project data is structured according to specific processes, unlike in FTP sites. Information transferred from internal tools to the platform is securely managed both in transition and in the cloud.

Choose your level of protection

Your IT and/or project administrators can choose your organization’s password complexity and session timeout standards to satisfy corporate requirements.

100% neutrality

All participants on Aconex are treated equally and fairly. No one organization has access to all project information,

and no participant can view information outside their own organization’s data store unless it’s been shared with them.

Choose the regional site to host your project on

Once you choose the site, all project information remains there. It’s securely replicated only at that region’s disaster recovery site.

We’re ISO 27001-certified

As a certified provider, we follow audited policies and procedures governing areas like information handling, third-party access, disposal of media, and more.

Reducing operational costs

Did we mention that it’s likely Aconex will save your organization time and money?

Everything is in the web browser

Aconex eliminates the need to install software across computers, manage back-up systems, develop and test recovery plans, or renew warranties and software licenses.

Let us take care of upgrades

Aconex schedules upgrades outside of normal working hours whenever possible, minimizing disruptions.

Get started quickly

There’s no infrastructure to purchase, so projects can begin almost immediately.

We’ll handle the late-night calls

Our 24/7 help desk support means you don’t need on-call staff if issues arise.  

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