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Standard user roles

One of Aconex’s advantages is the ability to assign different roles to users. Good to know it comes preconfigured with a selection of roles based on a best practice approach.

User roles control what permissions users have, and what they can and can’t do on the platform based on what type of access someone may need. 

By default, Aconex comes with five types of user roles:

  1. Basic
  2. Basic +
  3. Document Administrator
  4. Organization Administrator (Org Admin)
  5. Project Administrator

Roles can be modified to suit your organizational and project needs, and users can have more than one role. 

Understanding the different types of user roles and what capabilities each have make it easier when you’re adding new people to your project. Remember, by default, Org Admins and Project Admins are the only users who can create new roles and change the settings for existing ones.

Cheat sheet for Aconex User roles and permissions



The basic user role allows users to create, view and manage mail, search the document register, and view the global directory. If the primary tasks that a user will need to perform are creating mail, searching mail, or searching documents, then a basic account is a good choice.

Basic +

Basic + users can do all the things of a basic user, in addition to transmitting and superseding documents.

Document Administrator

A Document Admin manages documents on a project for their own organization. By default, Doc Admins are users with either a role of basic or basic +, who are also responsible for specific document control functions. If you have a user who needs to perform the following tasks, assigning them a Doc Admin role makes the most sense:

Project Administrator

Project Admins are responsible for managing the way a project is run on Aconex. A project can have as many Project Admins as necessary.  

Because Project Admins can change project-wide settings­—which apply to all organizations working on the project—they usually work for the project-owning organization.

Project Admins for companies other than the project-owning organization can administer some settings specific to a project. However, these will only be applied to their organization's work on that project.

For more information, see the Project Administrator Guide

Organization Administrator

Org Admins are a key role within Aconex, as they help manage user accounts, answer queries about logins, and more. Note that whoever registered your organization in Aconex automatically became the Org Admin, but you can change this.

If you're the person who’s likely to be managing Aconex's settings or configuring and assigning Aconex user roles for people in your organization, you’re likely to be an Org Admin. For more information on this role, see our Organization Administrator Guide.

Guest users

While not an official role, people can also be given access to Aconex as a guest user if they don’t need full access. If you have someone who only needs to view files, transmittals, and Mail, a guest account might be right for them.

Someone who’s started on Aconex as a guest user can also be upgraded to a full account by an Org Admin.

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