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Additional professional services for your implementation project

Aconex offers a range of fee-based services to assist you during implementation and beyond.

Aconex offers additional specialist services that can help you get more value from the platform.

Here’s some examples of services that you might select:

Process Discovery Workshop

We’ll work together with you to identify which existing processes need to be mapped to Aconex.

Process Mapping

We’ll help you map and document your processes.

Connected Cost

We’ll configure and get you up and running using Aconex Connected Cost product.


We’ll get you started with Workflows on your projects.

Library Processes

If you need additional Aconex library processes, we’ll help you identify and implement them.

Template Development

We’ll work with you to build a template that will be used for all your projects..

Services can also be customized to meet your specific needs. Speak to your Aconex representative for more information.

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