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What services does Aconex provide for implementation?

The starting point for all implementations is our standard implementation scope. It ensures we provide enough to get you up and running.

Rolling out Aconex in your organization requires a good plan. With many years of experience, and thousands of projects under our belt, we can help you make it easier. We’ve developed a standard implementation which is the foundation of the plan.

What’s included?

Default user roles
Everyone on the project needs a role, which specifies the kind of access they’ll have to the system. We’ll start with Basic, Basic +, Doc Admin, Project Admin, Org Admin, and connect them with any agreement inclusions (eg. Aconex for Outlook).

Mail/Documents role settings
We’ll set up a standard configuration for how Mail and Documents will work on your project. (This doesn't include User Management or Access Control.)

Module activation
We’ll activate all purchased modules and features, and provide customization or configuration as outlined in the agreement scope.

Two mapped processes
You’ll receive two processes from our library, we’ll customize them according to the agreement scope, then configure them for you in Aconex. For example: replacement of mail/document types, updating the diagram headers, addition of project logo and adjustment of footer information, such as document numbering. (Any processes not included in this library, or requiring significant customisation, can be mapped and configured via our fee-based Professional Services.)

Up to four hours post implementation with a consultant to fine tune your set up or work with you on other areas you need assistance.

Unlimited support and training access

  • Access to online help (Aconex Support Central)
  • Participation in scheduled webinars

Standard documentation

  • Project Settings/System Configuration Report
  • 2 Library Procedure Diagrams – updated to reflect the agreed customization

Combined with our Implementation Process we’ll make sure your implementation gets you and your team off to the best possible start.

For additional work around specific products and modules, consulting work and training, we have a range of Professional Services.

Any feedback?

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