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The first implementation meeting

Working together to make your Aconex setup a success right from the start.

The first meeting is an important one!

When we first meet, we will work with you to identify details related to information management on your project and properly configure Aconex so you and your team get the most value possible from it.

At the end of the meeting we’ll have a shared understanding of what’s needed to get Aconex up and running, and who will be responsible for the various aspects of the implementation.

Who needs to attend?

We need people that are familiar with the project and its requirements – but it’s helpful to not have too many people at a meeting. In our experience, more people means decisions are less likely to be made.

But of course, the people who are there need to have the power to make decisions – so if you have someone who is responsible for document control or information management, they should definitely attend.

We can arrange a meeting for the other key team members later if required.

What you need to do

Think about the following before the meeting:

Project Details – Overview, phase (tender, design, construction etc.,) and start/finish dates.

Project Participants – Organizations, key contacts, and their roles and prior experience.

Information Management – How do you manage information outside Aconex (drawings, reports, specifications etc.), along with related correspondence (requests, instructions, advice etc.)?

Processes – What processes need to be managed? Are there any contractual obligations in relation to reviews and approvals for example?

Other Systems – Is there a need to integrate with other systems (e.g. an internal document management system)?

We’ll use all of this information to help configure Aconex in a way that best suits your project.

If you have some of the information listed above already documented, send it to your Aconex representative ahead of the meeting!

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