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How do we implement Aconex?

Implementation is a process. We'll take you through the stages and lead you to success.

Implementing Aconex doesn't need to be hard.

True, depending on the project you are delivering you’ll have varying requirements. And yes, it’s important not to overlook any crucial factors.

But with an experienced Aconex consultant by your side and a proven process to follow, everything is as easy as possible, and nothing is forgotten.

Let’s take a quick look at the steps you’ll follow.


First, we need to understand what needs to be delivered.

Your consultant will look at the information at hand. Most likely a lot was collected already during the Sales cycle.

Armed with that knowledge, your consultant makes contact with you. Together, you’ll run through the deliverables that are included in this Implementation and your consultant will answer any questions about the process. It’s important that there is a mutual understanding of what is required of each party.


Now we collect and confirm the information we need to get the system up and running. This is often intensive as we start discussing processes with the key stakeholders. More often than not scoping takes a number of meetings and follow ups before it’s finalized. 

This step is all about gathering information and context so we can set up Aconex in a way that is right for your project.


Once you’ve approved the configuration, we’ll start building. At this point, you have a clear understanding of what you are getting. And if we need to change anything, we’ll make sure to get your approval beforehand.

This part is important to get right, and it's why the Plan and Scope steps are so critical. It's much harder to make changes once you've gone live with your project.


Aconex is now ready for use and we need to get the broader team onboard and up to speed. Your consultant will ensure access to training is provided.

There may be some user acceptance testing (UAT) – a way for us to confirm that the system is set up to meet your needs. This is an opportunity to make any final changes to the project setup before it's used.


We’ll confirm with you that all deliverables agreed to at the start of the Implementation are complete. If not, this is when we tie up any lose ends. Once that's done, the implementation phase is finished.

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