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Managing change as you implement Aconex

Rolling out Aconex will have a big impact on your project team – learn how to bring everyone along for the ride.

It’s important that all users have the opportunity to receive training. Building knowledge about the system is key to increasing adoption, and successful adoption itself is key to running a successful project.

If we could recommend one action that could improve your project, it would be to mandate a minimum amount of training for all members of the project team – both within your organization as well as external teams. The Getting Started training will give users a good foundation and result in better use of Aconex – this will mean better quality data for you to use managing the project.

Here are three areas to focus on – that we know help make change easier.

Awareness and Communication

People don't like surprises, especially when it affects their day-to-day routines. Changing how information is managed and distributed on a project is big. Fundamentally it's a change of behaviour.

Let your team know what's coming and why. Get them involved during the delivery of Aconex too. You might think you’re over communicating, but you’re almost certainly not.

Here’s a few actions you might consider to develop awareness:

  • Set up an intranet page
  • Schedule a fortnightly update email to all staff
  • Provide a feedback mechanism – a rollout inbox for example – so staff can engage with the implementation team

Leadership and Sponsorship

People need to know that their company and its leaders are supporting (ie, sponsoring) the use of Aconex. If they’re not behind its rollout and use, it's less likely to succeed.  

Visible and vocal support is needed. Leaders are not required in every discussion, but they need to get behind any decisions. Set clear objectives and goals for Aconex.

You could:

  • Fortnightly senior stakeholder meetings
  • Templated progress reports
  • Prepare awareness emails to be sent from the leadership team

Knowledge and Information

People need information to support any change. Without it, there will be excuses (i.e. resistance). Adoption will be less likely. It's about having the right information available when you need it.

If people get the answer to their questions quickly and easily, adoption will be better and resistance will be reduced. Remove the excuses.

Our team will assist with these strategies, but we cannot make them work. That’s where you come in.

Most people just want to know why something is happening and what it means to them.

  • Provide links to Aconex Support Central
  • Mandate minimum training
  • Identify “champions” who will help sub-teams on the job

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