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Onboarding your project team

While we work towards delivering your project, there's a few things your team can do to prepare.

Ensure your organisation is registered in Aconex

Ensure your organization is registered in Aconex

  • If your company is not yet registered, you or an authorized personal from your company can fill the registration form and submit to us.
  • Once you’ve submitted this form, the Aconex Service Desk team will validate and register your organization within 24 hours. Please note that:
  • The person who completes the form automatically becomes the Organization Administrator for your company. Among other tasks, they are responsible for creating your organization’s user accounts.
  • This person should also create another Org Admin user to ensure there’s always at least one Org Admin who can be contacted by other users.  We recommend providing Org admin permission to another user as well to ensure continuity of project activities.
  • If your Org Admin is new to Aconex, they should watch this online training which introduces basic tasks such as creating new users and assigning user roles.

Make sure participating organisations are registered in Aconex

We recommend you ensure all of your participating organizations are registered in Aconex while we work on delivering your project

  • First, please ensure that the Org is not registered by searching them in the Aconex Global Directory.
  • Every legal entity must register their own organisation with us, and shouldn’t register on behalf of another organisation.

They should also then follow the process above. 

Check that Aconex accounts are active and up to date

If a user doesn’t have an Aconex account, they need to contact their organization’s administrator to create an account for them.

If a user already has an account, but hasn’t used the system lately, it’s recommended to check login details, email address and title in the Aconex account.

Depending on the project role they play, they might need to upgrade their Aconex User Role Settings.

Train the team how to use the system

  • If someone is new to Aconex or returning after some time,  make sure they bookmark Aconex Support Central
  • Everyone new to Aconex should take 20 minutes out of their day to do our Getting Started video course – they’ll learn the basics of Mail, Documents and Search and be ready to roll. 

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