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System neutrality at Aconex

Equality, security and trust on a neutral platform

At Oracle Aconex, we want to make your work easier by making collaboration and efficiency part of every day. We’ve got lots of clever ways of doing this – a powerful and user-friendly platform, comprehensive support and top-notch security. But there’s something else which makes us special and it’s called system neutrality.

What is system neutrality?

At its core, system neutrality is about equality, security and trust on a project. With Aconex, system neutrality is simple – our platform doesn’t favor any organization, even the project owner, over any other. All organizations have the same data access rights within the project.

Ok, so how does it work in practice?

Before we all moved online, project files were in a hard copy format, locked up and secure in your own office or site shed. With Aconex, we’ve digitized that concept – each organization has their own secure digital ‘office’. We keep it simple with five rules:

  1. You have your own private and secure workspace for your organization
    Keep all your project files and communications organized and accessible within Aconex – everything is tracked and recorded, making for easy admin and collaboration.
  2. You control who sees your information
    Your files and assets are only visible to your organization, and visibility can be further restricted with user permissions. Aconex makes it easy to share and collaborate on a project, but it’s always on your terms - other organizations can only see what you choose to share.
  3. No organization can delete or alter records
    Data and records within Aconex can’t be deleted. They also can’t be altered, outside of the inbuilt versioning function. Everything is recorded which encourages transparency and accountability for every organization and user.
  4. No organization has rights to your data
    There’s no super user in Aconex. The project owner can’t see your data unless you choose to share it with them. So no one, including the project owner, controls your data, except for you.
  5. Your data is yours
    Your data will always be yours – you can’t suddenly be cut off or denied access without notice. At any time during the project (or at the project’s end), you can request an archive of your data.

What does system neutrality mean for me?

It means you can focus on what’s important – your job.

Aconex makes your work easier. It’s all your files, correspondence, workflows and project history in one place and it’s accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. But it’s also your data on someone else’s system, and we know that can be a little unnerving. But you don’t need to worry. With Aconex, your data is safe, secure, accessible and most importantly, controlled by you and no one else.

Whether you’re designing a high-rise or pouring a concrete slab, Aconex’s system neutrality is designed to give you peace of mind. We think this is a better way of working – one where you can collaborate with confidence and embrace Aconex’s full potential, all while knowing your data is protected.

At Oracle Aconex, neutrality is about bringing more trust, efficiency and collaboration to your every day, no matter where you fit into a project. That’s why we’re proud of it.

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