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Bundled Professional Services

Services designed to complement and enhance our standard implementation scope.

Available services

These are designed to complement and enhance our Standard Implementation Scope

Each bundled service is called an Implementation Builder. We currently have three:

  • Implementation Builder 80
  • Implementation Builder 160
  • Implementation Builder 280

Each one has a predefined set of services and a total number of hours allocated to deliver it.

You can find our service definitions here – scroll down to: Oracle Cloud Professional Services.
Path: Oracle Contracts / Cloud Services / Cloud Services Contracts / Service Descriptions / Oracle Cloud Professional Services.

What's included in each service?

Each of the Implementation Builders includes multiple services. As with our Defined Services they all have full service descriptions that contain information about the following:

  • A description of the service
  • Any relevant deliverables
  • Your obligations
  • Project assumptions
  • Unused services
  • Project Management responsibilities

Each service also specifies the time allocated to deliver the service.

The services included for each Implementation Builder are:

Implementation Builder 80Implementation Builder 160Implementation Builder 280
Process DiscoveryProcess DiscoveryProcess Discovery
Process AssessmentProcess AssessmentProcess Assessment x 2
MentoringMentoring x 2
System reviewSystem review
Template development

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