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Aconex Implementation

Aconex Implementation

Get ready to rollout Aconex at your organization with our guide.

What is Aconex?

This is one of the most common questions you’ll receive as you introduce Aconex to your project. To put it simply:

Construction projects generate thousands of documents, drawings, and other types of files. Aconex stores all of this information safely and securely online, and then provides the tools to help you manage workflows and collaborate with everyone on your project. Just think of us as your project’s secure filing cabinet.

Or, you could just watch the video.

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Before you implement Aconex at your organization, make sure you’re prepared.
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It’s time to unpack Aconex. Here’s what you can expect as you set up Aconex for your project.
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Aconex is only as good as the collaboration you get. Learn how to get project participants on board.
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Let us help get you and your organization up-to-speed on using Aconex with how-to guides, training videos, and more.
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What's next?

Now that Aconex is up and running, we’ve got resources to ensure your organization continues getting the most out of the platform.
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Common Processes