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3 advanced tips to help you save time in Aconex

If you’re an advanced Aconex user, follow these top tips to ensure you’re saving time and getting the most from Aconex.

1. Setting Mail Type Rules

When you create a mail you need to decide which mail type to use in order to create, reply to and forward an Aconex mail. Wouldn't it be great if you could make a quicker decision because the list of choices relates specifically to your project?

Project admins can set up the rules that govern the mail types available to users. On the Mail Type tab, under Project Settings, use the options to set the rules governing the default mail types people can use.

2. Get Project Insights

Project Insights gives you a powerful, graphical way of understanding your data. At a glance you can save time by seeing your data as a dashboard.

  • By clicking on a section within a view, you can see individual data sets such as RFIs, Variations and Change Requests. If you drill down into any of these allows you to export them to Excel so you can review the details offline or forward the data to other stakeholders.
  • Selecting ‘View All Processes’ opens another layer of data for areas such as Defects and Observations for Issues and Inspections. These can also be printed to paper, PDF and Google Drive.

3. Common Processes

Our Common Processes content can help you understand the why and how of running tasks that are key to helping you manage and drive successful projects. Running refined and polished processes will save you time and help your day run smoothly.

  • In all there are 12 processes that cover areas such as RFIs, change requests, submittals and design document reviews.
  • Along with a detailed overview of what's involved, there are also recommendations about how to run a process using the various Aconex modules. Everything you need to get the job done and save time.