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3 beginner tips to help you save time in Aconex

If you’re new to Aconex, or perhaps don’t use it frequently, these three tips will help save you time.

1. Global Login

Are you working on multiple Aconex projects and need to constantly log into each of them? If so, you can save time and effort using Aconex's Global Login instead of individual logins for each project.

  • The next time you go to the login screen, click on the ‘Use Global Login’ link at the bottom of the screen.
  • From there you can set up an account which will give you a login ID and password you can use to access all your Aconex projects in one go.

By using Global Login, not only will you log in more quickly, you'll have a lot less to remember!

2. Uploading Documents

You probably know the quickest way to get your documents into Aconex is to upload them to your Document Register, where you can edit their metadata or send them to another project participant via Transmittal. Did you know you can also upload multiple documents using Dropbox or Box, a zip file or the Aconex Multi File Upload tool?

  • Once you've made your selection all you have to do is select your files, run the upload and add any relevant details you're asked for.
  • When the files have finished uploading, a quick way to find them is to ‘View files uploaded by me today’.

3. Working when you're offline

Ever worry about losing your work or having to stop work if you lose signal on your device when you're on-site? Well worry no more! If you're using Aconex mobile apps and your signal disappears you’ll see a status message saying your activity is paused or your work has been saved, depending on what you’re doing.

  • Without an internet connection you can still create mail, save them to drafts and access recently searched mails and documents, among other functions.
  • Once your signal returns, you can carry on working by syncing information you’ve saved to your device with your Aconex projects.