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If you don’t read anything else, read this - our handy guide to the essential of Aconex.

Here’s our handy ‘If you don’t read anything else, read this’ guide to the essentials of Aconex. Everyone will find something useful in the First things first and New/general users sections, but if you’re a Project or Org Admin, you should read our handy guide to resources for Project and Org Admins

First things first

What can Aconex do for you?

Aconex consists of eight features, augmented by several additional modules – these are listed below. The features available to you may differ from project to project, but the ones all projects can use are: DocumentsMailTasks, ModelsReports, Setup (OrgProjectsUsers) and Search.

If you’re wondering how these help you do your job, then this short video is for you.

Passwords and other support

Here’s some key information about passwords and getting help:

  • Forgotten passwords, logging in and two-step verification - find out more about these here.
  • Knowing who your Organization Administrators are is very important as they manage your user account and will help you if you lose your log in info.
  • Got a query about Aconex? Then our service desk support is available 24/7. You can either log issues online, or call the Service Desk number appropriate to your region.

New/general users

Find out the basics then progress on to more advanced tasks with our training courses – even if you’re a mobile user. 

  • New to Aconex or looking to refresh your skills? Support Central is full of topic-based help and training videos covering all of Aconex’s features and functionality. 
  • Our short video course will step you through the basics of the Aconex core modules and get you up and running in no time.
  • Are you mobile? Everything you need to know about on-the-go access is in Aconex Mobile.
  • Want to stay up to date with new features? You’ll need the monthly release notes then.

Document controllers

Are you a Document Controller? If so, you should read our short list covering the key tasks and processes you need to know.

Additional Modules

Depending on your project, you could be using any of the following additional modules. Follow the links to find out more about them.

  • Aconex for Outlook – for organizations using the Outlook plugin.
  • Cost – combines cost, schedule, commitments and other vital data.
  • Field - for projects where you need to capture defects and maintain checklists.
  • Local Copy – gives you a local, read-only copy of up-to-date project data.
  • Packages - for projects managing multiple documents and mail in sets.
  • Project Archive – for projects storing project data either online or offline.
  • Supplier Documents – used to request submissions from other organizations.
  • Tenders/Bids – used in the tender/bid process.
  • Workflows – for projects using automated review processes.

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