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Benefits of using Aconex

What's in it for the wider project community.

It’s fair to say that to the project community, Aconex is “just another system”. Something else they need to wrap their head around. And it is almost certain that you’ll encounter some level of resistance. The value of Aconex is not going to be immediately obvious to everyone.

Here are some pointers to help you navigate those challenging conversations and show everyone what’s in it for them.


Our platform is independent of all project participants, from the largest to the smallest. Organizations retain ownership and control of their own information, no matter what, and information can only be accessed by those you’ve explicitly allowed to see it.

Aconex provides an organizational-based workspace – a little like a “virtual project office”.  It’s restricted to those people who work for the organization but unlike a physical office, all information the organization has either created or been sent, is available everyone in that organization who has access to that project. If required, you can always make information confidential if you need to.

When a piece of information is created in Aconex, it’s in your project office. In order for it to be accessible to another organization, it must be sent there. Sending information via Aconex looks very similar to email but it has some important differences; it is more structured, more secure and gives a near instantaneous acknowledgement of receipt.

Also, unlike email, this information is delivered to the receiving organizations project office and not just to the individuals on the distribution list. This means no more lost communications or arguments over delivery.


There’s no risk of information being lost or deleted. Once a piece of information is created, it’s there for good. This is important to ensure that the entire project team has the confidence to rely on the information being created and managed within the system. You’ll never lose an email or have an attachment blocked. If it’s sent, it’s received.

Aconex will also look after all the different revisions of the documents and files, plus they’re all audited and searchable. You’ll always know who did what, and when.

No Limits

There are no limits on file sizes, file volumes, file formats, organizations or users on Aconex. This means that the entire project team can get on with what they need to do without worrying about exceeding quotas. It also helps to ensure the all the important information is captured and that nothing is missing.

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