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How to install multiple Digital Media Archives at once

If you need to install multiple Digital Media Archives, follow this guide.

Aconex project archives are a mirror of the live version of a project in Aconex, and as Aconex evolves with each release so does the Archive Viewer, accommodating new fields, improvements in the search functionality, and improvements to the database.

This means that all Aconex offline archives must be installed in the order in which they're created and received, so that the newer versions can update the older versions to give you the best possible experience while using all your archives.

If you have a set of archives that you want to install in the same location, please start with the oldest one, and move forward in chronological order to the most recent.

1. Uninstall current or recent archives

If you already have an archive installed and need to install an older one, you will need to uninstall the current archive first.

2. Install the oldest archive

Follow these installation instructions to install the oldest archive you have.

3. Install more recent archives

Now, install more recent archives in chronological order, finishing with the most current archive.

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