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Generate a PDF or EML index of your archive

Learn how to create PDF or EML index.
  1. Navigate to the Archive Manager home screen by clicking the Oracle Aconex logo in the top left-hand corner.
The Archive Manger screen.
  1. Under features, click either:
    •    Export as Document spreadsheet.
    •    Export as Mail PDF spreadsheet.
    •    Export as Mail EML spreadsheet. 
The Archive Manager options for your project.
  1. Click Generate for the index you want to create. 
The indexing screen showing the Generate buttons.

If the Export as Mail PDF Spreadsheet button option is not visible, please delete the index folder and its contents from your project folder on your computer. Then reload the web browser page and the generate buttons will now be active.

  1. Click OK if you receive a confirmation message.  How long this process takes depends on how big your archive is. You may have to wait for a while for this process to finish running.
click ok
  1. You will see a green tick once the process completes. The generated Index will be saved to your computer. You can find the new index in the same installation location as the archive, in the index folder.
index generated

UNICODE Support for Archive Index files

Project Archive supports UNICODE for generating index files of your archive data. This may be required if your project data includes character sets such as Japanese.

To enable UNICODE support you must provide a font file (TTF) that supports the characters used in the project.

Copy the font file into the folder where you installed your archive (where the archive executable is located) and rename it to ‘font.ttf’.

font ttf

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