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Move your Scheduled Archive to a new location

Scheduled Archive can be transferred to a new computer as required – just follow the steps below
  1. If you need to move your archive to a new location, ensure the scheduled archive application is shutdown first. This can be achieved by closing the browser and clicking the shutdown button in the pop-up
  1. Locate your Archive folder and move the whole archive directory to a new location with enough disk space.

In the new Archive folder location click the .exe file and you will see a message advising that an update is required for Windows Task Scheduler.

please update Windows Task Scheduler
  1. To update Windows Task Scheduler, open Windows File Explorer and navigate to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\StartMenu\Programs\Administrative Tools
open task scheduler
  1. Click on Task Scheduler
  1. Click Task Scheduler Library, and identify the project that has been moved.
  1. Right-click on it and select Properties
select properties
  1. Click the Actions tab, Highlight old archive location and click the Edit button
click Edit
  1. Replace the URL with the new folder location. Use the Browse button if required, click OK.
replace the url

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