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Work with Documents in Scheduled Archive

Find, Download and View Documents using Scheduled Archive.

First, you’ll need to find the document you need.

Once you’ve done that, you can:

Find the document you need

  1. Open the Scheduled Archive Manager.
  2. Click the Documents button.
Click the Documents button

You can search/filter within any of the search boxes; Document Number, title, Revision, Version, Status, Discipline, or Type. Simply begin typing and the results will automatically update as you do so.

filter your results

View a document’s properties

Click the document’s:

Title in the Title column, or

Options icon, then click Properties.

click properties

Open a document

Click either the document’s:

File icon, then click the Open button, or

Option icon, which looks like a down-pointing arrow, and then click Open File.

Open a document

Save a document to your local network or computer

  1. Click the link below the preview file image.
  2. The file will automatically download to your default download location.
Save a document

View the document event log

  • Click the document’s title in the Title column and click View Event Log.


  • Click the Option icon to the left of the document number, then select Event Log.
Event Log
Event Log

View the document history

  1. Click the Show Document History checkbox.
Show Document History

Download Zip files

To download documents as a Zip files:

  1. Select the Documents you wish to save by checking the checkboxes.
  2. Click Tools dropdown.
zip download

Select either:

  • Zip downloads.
  • Zip downloads with markups, if you have PDF’s with markups you wish to see.

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