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Supersede a document with a file from My Mobile Files

My Mobile Files makes it easy to supersede documents.
  1. Open My Mobile Files and find the file you want to use in the files list.

  2. Tap the checkbox to select it.

  3. Tap Supersede.

  4. Select the project that the file’s relevant to.
Selecting the project to supersede
  1. The app will search your project for a file with the same name as the one you’ve saved to My Mobile Files. If it doesn’t find a match, you’ll need to use the search dialog to find the document you want to supersede.

  2. Tap the listing for the document you want to supersede.

  3. The Document Detail page displays, with the current version of the document at its bottom. You can view the document if you need to check that it’s the right one.

  4. Once you’re satisfied this is the document you want to supersede, tap the Supersede button.

Confirming the document details
  1. On the Supersede Document page, tap to edit the fields you need to change.

  2. Tap Supersede to update the file in the Aconex Document Register.

The supersede page

Make sure you complete the mandatory fields, which are marked with a red *.

You’ll see a confirmation message once the document has successfully been added to the document register.

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