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Mark up PDFs on iPad

View and annotate PDF documents on your iPad.

Aconex Mobile’s PDF markup tool makes working with PDFs and annotations easy.

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Open the PDF

  1. Download the PDF from Aconex, or locate the file in your Mail, Favorites, or My Mobile Files.
  2. Tap to open the file.
  1. When you open a PDF, you’ll see its first page.
    1. A page scroller displays at the bottom of the view. You can tap or drag across the pages to jump through them.
Dragging and tapping through the PDF
  1. Or, tap the tile view to see all pages in the PDF as tiles. To select one for viewing, simply tap it. For other navigation options, see the table below.
Tapping tiles to navigate the PDF
search iconSearchTo find a particular part of the PDF, tap the search icon and enter the text you’re looking for. This will search the PDF’s text, including any markups that have already been added.
outline iconOutlineShows all the bookmarks and annotations in the PDF. You can delete bookmarks and annotations from this view, and navigate to them easily.
open in iconOpen inLets you open the PDF in another application, with or without your markups included.
edit iconEditTap this to activate the editing toolbar and add markups to the PDF.

Add your markups

  1. Tap the edit icon. The edit toolbar appears.
  2. Tap the tool you need to make the markup you need. The tools are explained in the table below.
The editing toolbar
IconWhat it doesAvailable markups
text effects iconText effectsHighlight, underline, and strikethrough existing text.
free text iconFree textAdd a hand-written text or create a signature.
note iconNoteAdd text in a note.
pen iconPenAdd a free-form drawing.
highlighter iconHighlighterAdd free-form highlighting.
color chooser iconColor chooserUse this tool to alter the color of the pen or highlighter. The icon appears when you select either tool.
shapes iconShapesUse colored rectangles, ellipses, lines, and more to highlight items in your document.
undo and redo iconUndo and redoUndo or repeat any action in annotations.
close toolbar iconClose toolbarTap this icon to close the toolbar.
move toolbar iconMove toolbarTouch and drag this icon to move the toolbar around the screen.
  1. To use your annotated file, tap Save, then tap the action you’d like to take with the file.

If you opened the PDF from Mail, you can:

  1. Attach it to a new mail, mail reply, or a forwarded mail.
  2. Save it to My Mobile Files.

If you opened the PDF from Documents, you can:

  1. Attach it to a new mail.
  2. Use it to supsersede a document that’s already in Aconex.
  3. Save it to My Mobile Files. If you select this option, you can edit the filename before you save it.

Using your marked up PDF in applications outside Aconex

  1. Once you’ve saved your markups to your PDF, tap the Open in… icon.
  2. Tap to select which pages you want to use.
  3. Choose if and how you’d like to include your markups:
    • Embed your markups as editable annotations in the PDF.
    • Flatten your markups into the PDF so they can be seen but not edited.
    • Ignore the annotations you’ve made in the version of the PDF that you’re opening in another app.
  4. Tap Open.
  5. Tap to select the app in which you want to view the PDF.
  6. The PDF opens in the application.

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