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Working with documents on your mobile device

Search, download, view, favorite and supersede documents using Aconex for Mobile.

With Aconex for Mobile, you can:

Search for a document

If you're using an iPhone or iPad, you can search across the Documents and Mail for a project at the same time, using the search box on the Tasks page.

But both our Android and iOS apps let you search from the Documents page. Here's how.

  1. Tap the Documents icon.

  2. Type your search criteria into the field.

  3. Tap Refine to narrow your search results using all the filters that are available in Aconex.

  4. Tap Search to run your search.

Download a document

  1. Tap the document you want to read in the search results.

  2. You’ll see the Document Details page, which shows information about the document, along with a file area. If you haven’t already downloaded the document to your device, the file area shows a Tap to download link.

  3. Once the download's complete, the link will change to read Ready to view.

View a document

Once you’ve found a document and downloaded it, viewing it is easy.

Just tap the file area on the document’s page, and the file will open in the appropriate application.

Aconex for Mobile opens many kinds of documents itself. For some others, you’ll need to choose an application in which to open the document. Some manufacturers limit the kinds of documents that can be accessed on their devices, so you may find you can’t access some file types on your device.

Favorite a document

Once you’ve found a document, favoriting it is very simple.

Just tap the star icon on the Document Details page (highlighted in orange below).

The star will fill to show that the document’s been added to your favorites.

You don’t need to have downloaded the document to your device to favorite it.

Supersede a document

Aconex for Mobile’s Documents feature lets you supersede documents in Aconex with image, audio or video files.

If you’re using an iOS device, for example an iPhone or iPad, you can supersede documents with a range of other file formats using My Mobile Files.

  1. On the Document Details page, tap the Supersede icon.

  2. You’ll see the Supersede Document page, where, depending on your project setup, you’ll have some or all of these options:

    1. set a revision number

    2. give the document a title

    3. change its type

    4. set its status

    5. choose a discipline

    6. choose a building zone

    7. select a work package

    8. set the document to Confidential

    9. set a print size

    10. set a revision date

    11. identify the document’s creator

    12. add comments.

  3. Tap the Replace with button.

  1. Select the media you want to use to supersede the document.
    1. If you choose Take Picture, Take Video, or Take Audio file:
      1. Follow the instructions for using Capture.
      2. Once you’re done capturing the file, you’ll see a Preview screen, where you can edit it.
      3. Tap Use to add the finished file to the Supersede Document page.
    2. Select Choose Picture, Choose Video, or Choose Audio to upload a file that’s already on your device.
      1. You’ll see a directory of the media you select.
      2. Check the checkbox next to the file you want to use.
      3. Tap Use to add the file to the Supersede Document page.
  2. Tap the Supersede button to supersede the document with your selected file.
  3. Once the upload’s complete, you’ll see a dialog that lets you:
    1. transmit the document
    2. view the document search
    3. close the dialog and return to the Document Details page.

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