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Aconex for Outlook

Aconex for Outlook

Aconex Mail, fully integrated with Outlook.

Get Aconex for Outlook

Project mail made easy.

Logging in to Aconex for Outlook

Use your preferred method to log into Aconex for Outlook.

Register existing Outlook email into Aconex

Register a copy of an Outlook email into Aconex.

Read Aconex Mail in Outlook

Read project mail without leaving Outlook.

Reply to and Send Mail from Outlook

Reply to and send project mail without leaving Outlook.

Release Notes

The latest information on Aconex for Outlook releases.

Frequently asked questions

What if I use more than one instance of Aconex?
Can I search for Aconex project mail from Outlook?
Why doesn’t anything appear when I click on a mail in Outlook?
Are Aconex role settings and user preferences applied in Outlook?
How long will project changes take to be reflected in Aconex for Outlook?
What happens when a user is removed from a project, or when a user account is disabled?
If I go on leave, will my Outlook send my Out of Office Notification in response to Aconex mail?
Can I use Aconex for Outlook when I’m not connected to the Internet?
Is Aconex for Outlook available in other languages?