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Release 2.0

Aconex for Outlook gets a visual refresh.

This release includes a visual update to the plugin, so that it more closely reflects the refreshed look and feel of the Aconex main application. 

It also includes number of valuable enhancements including support for Mail forms.

General enhancements

  • The Compose mail layout has been updated to more closely reflect the look of the main Aconex application.
  • The Compose mail page is now compatible with Mail Forms.
  • The View mail page is now compatible with Mail Forms.
  • The Update Project functionality has been extended to include updates to the Mail schema from the project. The label now reads Update project information. Updated information includes:
    • Directory
    • Mail metadata
    • Doc metadata
    • Project list.
  • The Update Project functionality can be set to run automatically at regular intervals:
    • Every Day
    • Every Week (default)
    • Every Month.
  • Configurable Proxy settings are now available for the installer shell and the application.
  • When a user creates a new mail, their last-used signature is now loaded into the Compose page automatically.

Bug fixes

  • A bug that caused intermittent instability issues has been corrected.
  • Support for scaling the screen up to 125% has been provided for Windows 7 and 8 users.
  • A bug that showed an incorrect count of unread mail on some projects has been fixed.
  • We fixed a bug that didn’t flag read mail as read in Aconex for Outlook.
  • We removed the height restriction from the message body in the New Mail and View Mail pages.
  • We added support for users to register mail whose local attachments have very long file names.
  • The title bar on each mail now shows the complete mail subject line.