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Give users in your organization access to Aconex for Outlook

Give your organization’s users access to Aconex for Outlook.

You can grant access to users in two ways.

The first, which we recommend, is to create a new user role specifically to give users access to Aconex for Outlook, then assign users to it.

You can also give users access by modifying an existing user role, but since all users with that role may not need access to the plugin, this can be less than ideal. You may still need to assign particular users to affected roles, so they can access the plugin.

Keep in mind that as soon as you give Aconex for Outlook access to a role, all users with that role will receive an email that tells them they have access to the plugin.

To create a new user role

To create a new user role, follow our instructions for creating a new user role at the organization level.

To modify a user role

To modify an existing user role:

  1. In the Aconex web application, go to Setup and select Configure User Role Settings.

  2. Scroll down to the Web Services API section.

  3. Find the row that reads Outlook Plugin.

  4. Find the user role column that you require, and select Grant from the dropdown.

  5. Click Save in the top-right corner of the page.

Granting access to Aconex for Outlook to a user role

To assign users to a role you've created or modified

You may need to assign users to the role you've just created or modified, so that they have access to Aconex for Outlook.

Once you do this, those users will receive an email from Aconex that guides them through the process of getting started with Aconex for Outlook.

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