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Set up Aconex for Outlook on your computer

Configure Aconex for Outlook to suit your needs.

Aconex for Outlook integrates Aconex Mail into your normal mail workflow. Make sure it’s configured to suit you.

  1. The first time you open Outlook after the software has been installed, you’ll see the Aconex for Outlook banner.
The Oracle Aconex for Outlook banner.
  1. Click on the Aconex tab at the top of your screen. The Aconex for Outlook toolbar displays near the menu. You’ll also see an Aconex Mail folder below your other mail folders.
The Outlook menu and Aconex Mail folder.
  1. Connect Outlook to your Aconex account.

    • Click the Connect to Aconex button in the banner to see the Connect to Aconex Welcome screen.

    • Click Next.

    • Enter your Aconex details:

      • Your Project Location.

      • Your Aconex Login Name.

      • Your Aconex Password.

    • To have your computer remember your Aconex login name and password every time you use Aconex for Outlook, check Log me in when Outlook starts.
The login screen,
  1. Click Login. Your Aconex project mail and directory information will download to Outlook. This may take up to ten minutes, depending on the number of projects and the amount of information in your projects.

  2. When your project information has finished downloading, you’ll see the confirmation page. Click OK, got it!

The project information message.
  1. The Aconex for Outlook banner will be updated and you’ll see folders for all your projects under the Aconex Mail folder. 
The Aconex project folders and Aconex Mail folders.

You can dismiss the Aconex for Outlook banner by clicking the cross in its top-right corner.

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