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Register existing Outlook email into Aconex

Register a copy of an Outlook email into Aconex.
  1. In Outlook, select the email you want to register.
    You can register multiple emails at the same time, but only choose email that you want to register into the same Aconex project. 

  2. Click the Register in Aconex button in the Aconex toolbar. Or, right-click and select the Register in Aconex option from the menu that appears.

Click to register email

If you didn’t check the box to Log me in when Outlook starts during the setup process, you will be prompted to enter your login details. Enter them and click Login.

  1. Select the project you want to register your email into. 
  1. Click Next.

  2. Aconex for Outlook will search the Aconex project directory.
    It will try to match the recipients’ email addresses with information in the Aconex project directory. If matches are found for all recipients, you’ll go to step 8.

  3. Some addresses may not be able to be matched, or may be duplicates. We’ll list them for you.

You’ll need to resolve all unmatched and duplicate email addresses before you can register the emails into Aconex.

  • Type in the user’s given name or group name, or their last name or organization. 

  • Click Search.

  • If  the user that matches the email address appears in the search results, click the Match button next to their name.
    The On Project? column makes this easier. Possible matches who are already members of your project will be listed at the top of results.

Can’t see a suitable match?

If the person is: 

  • one of several recipients on the email you’re registering, you can choose not to match this person by clicking the Ignore email address button and continuing to register the email.
  • the only recipient for an email you’re registering, you’ll need to either:
    • create a guest user account for that user (whether they’re from your own organization, or from another organization), then click the Refresh button in the Register email into Aconex screen, or
    • start the registration process again and choose not to register this email into Aconex.

Matched someone by mistake?

If you’ve matched an Aconex user to an email address by mistake, you can unmatch them.

Select Settings and click on Unmatch Users to undo the match.

  1. Once you’ve resolved all the listed email addresses, click Next.

  2. On this screen, Aconex asks you to apply mail data to the emails you’re registering.

    All mandatory fields are marked in yellow, just like in the Aconex web application.

    If all the emails should be tagged with the same mail data, select Assign the same mail data to all emails. Then, assign a Mail Type, and other data as needed to the emails. 

    If the emails you are registering should be tagged with different mail types or attributes, choose Select and apply mail data to individual emails. Then assign the required mail data to each message.

  1. Click the Register in Aconex button. You’ll be asked to confirm the registration. 
  1. Click the Yes Register button. When the process is finished you’ll see a screen confirming that the email has been registered.

  2. Click Close

A copy of the emails you selected is now registered in Aconex.

Once an email has been successfully registered in Aconex, a new column named Aconex will appear in your Outlook email view. In this column you’ll see a checkbox icon next to each email you’ve registered into Aconex.

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