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Send project mail using Aconex for Outlook

Create a new project mail from within Outlook.
  1. In Outlook, click on the Aconex tab, then click New Aconex Mail in the Aconex toolbar.

  2. You’ll see the Aconex Project Mail screen. Select your project from the Project dropdown. 
A blank mail

The mandatory fields will change to reflect the project you’ve selected

  1. Fill in all the mandatory fields. These fields will be marked in yellow, just like in the Aconex web application.

  • ​The To field

    To fill in the To field, start typing the recipient’s name. This will search the project directory. 
    Or, click on the To button to search the project or global directory.

Typing in the To field
  • Add an attachment

    Within Outlook, you can add an attachment to your project mail from either your local network or from your organization’s document register in Aconex.

Add an attachment
  • Add a file from your computer or local network:

    Click Local File.

  • Add a file from your organization’s document register:

    • Click Aconex Document.
    • Search for the document. You can narrow your search using the Document number, Document type, Status, and Discipline fields. You can also enter relevant keywords into the Search field. Click Search to run your search, or Clear to remove your search criteria and start again. 
    • Check the checkbox next to the document.
    • Click OK.
    • The document will be listed in the attachment field.
A file is attached
  • Mark the mail as confidential

    You can send confidential mail using Aconex for Outlook. Simply click the Confidential button. 

The Confidential button
  • Save the project mail to draft

    Click the Save button.

  1. To send your project mail, click Send Aconex Mail. This sends the mail to both the recipients and your Aconex mail box.

  2. When the mail is sent, it will appear in your Aconex Mail Sent folder. 

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