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Download Local Copy

Download Local Copy

Download and install Local Copy.

Please note that Local Copy is a separately licensed module. Please talk to your Aconex account manager for more information.

Latest Version

Local Copy 2.6.0 (429.00 mb) Download

Previous Versions

These downloads are for users who need to upgrade to the current version of Local Copy from pre 1.11.2 versions. If you do need to upgrade from a version older than Local Copy 1.11.2, you should contact Service Desk for assistance.

Local Copy 2.5.1 (429.00 mb)

Local Copy 2.5.0 (429.00 mb)

Local Copy 2.4.0 (409.90 mb)

Local Copy 2.2 (409.00 mb)

Local Copy 1.11.2 (848.70 mb)

Local Copy 1.8 (847.90 mb)

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Thanks. A ticket has been opened with the Support Central team.