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Change the licensed user for a datastore

Change the user who can access a datastore.

You may need to change the licensed user for a datastore, for example, when the user moves on from the project team. You’ll need to obtain a new license file and license key for the incoming licensed user. See our help on Requesting a Local Copy License for more information.

Once you’ve entered the new license information, Local Copy updates the datastore.

It compares the mail and documents in the datastore for the outgoing user with the mail and documents that the incoming user can see on Aconex. Data that the incoming user does not have access to in Aconex is removed from the datastore, and data that the incoming user has access to in Aconex that is not currently in the datastore is downloaded.

This ensures that the Local Copy datastore is an accurate reflection of the information that’s accessible in Aconex for the incoming user.

  1. From the Start menu, click All Programs > Aconex > Local Copy > Local Copy Manager.
  1. Click View Jobs.
  2. Click the arrow to the left of the Job Title for the datastore on which you want to change the licensed user.
  3. Click on License Information in the dropdown menu that appears.
Clicking License information
  1. Click the Renew License Now button.

  2. You’ll see the license renewal page. Next to the User name, click the change link to change the licensed user.

Clicking the change link
  1. You’ll see a confirmation message. Click OK.
  2. Add the Username and Password for the datastore’s new licensed user.

  3. Select the Verification Type this person will use to access Local Copy: Basic or 2-Step Verification, or Single Sign On. Note that this access method should reflect the method set for that person in Aconex main application.

  4. Click Validate to have Local Copy check that it can access the project in Aconex for this user.

Entering the user's details
  1. Click Browse and browse to the location where you stored the new user’s license file for this datastore. Click OK to have the path for the license file appear in the License File field.

  2. Enter the key associated with that license file into the License Key field.

  3. Click Update License Information.

  4. Click the OK button in the confirmation message that appears.

If the newly licensed user accesses Aconex using 2-Step Verification or Single Sign On, they will be taken through the relevant authentication process as part of license validation process.

The datastore status is set to Updating. Local Copy updates the datastore to reflect the licensed user’s view of the project, and the User field shows the updated user’s name.

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