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Change Local Copy mail settings

Change the Local Copy email notification settings.
  1. From the Start menu, click All Programs > Aconex > Local Copy > Local Copy Manager.

  1. Click View Jobs.

  2. Click the General Settings tab.

  3. Click Mail Settings.

  4. Edit the following fields as required.

Outgoing Mail ServerEnter the name of your outgoing mail server.
From EmailIf you want to change the email address to which replies to notification emails are sent, enter the new address in this field. The email will appear to have been sent from this address. This field is optional.
Sender Email AccountEnter the email address that notification emails are sent from.
Server PortEnter the port number used by your outgoing mail server.
  1. If your email server requires authentication, select the Server Requires Authentication checkbox, and complete the authentication details as follows:
PasswordEnter the password for the sender email account.
Encrypt UsingChoose the encryption protocol your mail system uses.
  1. Click the Test Connection button.
  1. You’ll see a connection confirmation message. Click the OK button.

  2. Click the Save button to save your new settings.

  3. Stop and restart the Local Copy service to apply your saved changes.

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