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Create a Local Copy job

Create a new job in Aconex Local Copy.
  1. From the Start menu, click on All Programs > Aconex > Local Copy > Local Copy Manager.
  2. Click the New Job button.
  3. You’ll see the New Job page. Complete the fields to create the job you want. Remember that fields marked with an asterisk must be completed.
Project*Choose the project you want to create the job for.
Job Title*Give the job name, which you’ll see in the Local Copy Viewer and Manager.
Project Display Name*Create a user-friendly display name for the project.
DescriptionEnter a project description if you need one.
Start dateChoose the date from which documents and project mails will be included in your Local Copy datastore.
LockSelect this to lock the start date, and you’ll see the number of mails and documents that will be downloaded from that date under Include.
ScheduleLets you set a schedule for updating your Local Copy datastore: every day at a certain time, or every week on a certain day and time.
IncludeLets you specify the information you’d like to include in your datastore. Note that you can’t change these selections after you have created the job.
Datastore PasswordLets you password-protect the datastore if you want to. The password must contain at least eight characters and contain at least one:
  • Lower case letter
  • Upper case letter
  • Number
  • Special character, that is, [~!@#$%^&*()_-++]
Datastore Write Location*Enter the location where you want this project datastore to be saved. Local Copy will create a folder for the datastore with a name based on the job details. To make it easier, copy the path from Windows Explorer and paste it into the space provided.
Admin Notification Email Address*Enter an email address that Local Copy can send notification emails to.
Error Tolerance*Enter the maximum number of errors you want to allow before Local Copy abandons a datastore update. If the number of errors exceeds this value, the datastore is rolled back to the last successful update, and has a status of AvailableWithRollback.
Include WarningsSelect this if you want warnings to be included in the error logs. Warnings are less serious than errors.
Email Preference*Select the administration email notification preference for the datastore. By default, only notifications that require action are sent.
TimezoneLets you choose the timezone for your location. When you change the timezone for a datastore, the displayed time for documents and mails is adjusted to reflect the local time and date for this time zone.
  1. Click Start Job.
  1. You’ll be asked for your datastore license. Click Choose File and browse to the location where you stored the license file for this datastore. Select it.

  2. Enter the key associated with the license file into the License Key field.

  3. Click Start Job.

Starting the job

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