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Edit job properties

Edit the properties of a Local Copy job you’ve already created.
  1. From the Start menu, click All Programs > Aconex > Local Copy > Local Copy Manager.
  1. Click View Jobs.
  2. Find the job whose properties you want to change. Click the arrow to the left of the Job Title, and choose Edit Properties from the menu that appears.
  1. Edit the fields as you need to.
Password*Enter your Aconex password.
Job Title*Change the title of this Local Copy job.
Project Display Name*Change the name of the Aconex project.
DescriptionChange the project description.
Datastore PasswordChange the datastore password. The password must contain at least eight characters and contain at least one:
  • Lower case letter
  • Upper case letter
  • Number
  • Special character, that is, [~!@#$%^&*()_-++]
Admin Notification Email Address*Update the email address that Local Copy sends notification emails to.
Email Preferences*Change the administration email notification preference for the datastore. By default, only notifications that require action are sent.
Error Tolerance*Change the maximum number of errors you’ll allow before Local Copy abandons a datastore update. If the number of errors exceeds this value, the datastore is rolled back to the last successful update, and has a status of AvailableWithRollback.
TimezoneChange the timezone for your location. When you change the timezone for a datastore, the displayed time for documents and mails is adjusted to reflect the local time and date for this time zone.
Datastore Write LocationMove the archive to a different drive area.
  1. Click Save to save your edits.

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