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View the datastore exception report

Find out more about issues that arose when your datastore last updated.

Sometimes, Local Copy may not be able to update all of the data in the datastore  during an update. For example, the event log for a document may not be able to be downloaded for some reason.

When an issue like this occur, Local Copy adds a warning or error to the exception report. It will continue to do this until the issue is resolved in a subsequent update.

An error is recorded when an entire record is not available; for example, a mail could not be downloaded.

A warning is recorded when part of a record is not available; for example, the mail itself was downloaded, but not the mail attachment.

In the exception report:

  • a red exclamation icon indicates an error.
  • a yellow exclamation icon indicates a warning.

When an exception occurs, its details, including the date and time it occurred, are recorded in the report. If the same exception occurs during a subsequent update, the count in the Retries column of the report is increased by one.

The total number of exceptions that occurred during an update is shown under the # Issues column on the View Jobs tab.

  1. From the Start menu, click All Programs > Aconex > Local Copy > Local Copy Manager.
  1. Click View Jobs.
  2. Find the datastore you’re interested in, and click the link in the # Issues column to see the exception report. 
  1. Click the:

    • Docs tab to view document errors and warnings.

    • Mail tab to view mail errors and warnings.

    • General tab to view general datastore issues.

    The Error Since column shows the date and time when the exception first occurred.

    The Retries column shows the number of updates during which the same exception occurred.

The number of errors appears on each tab

The number of errors is shown on each tab.

  1. To filter a list of errors, select an issue type from the Show list.
Filtering issues
  1. Click the Close button to close the exception report.

Sending an exception report to the Aconex Service Desk

If you contact Service Desk, and they ask you to send them the Exception report, open the exception report for the relevant datastore as explained above.

Then, click the Send Exception Report to Aconex button at the top of the report. This automatically forwards the report to the Service Desk for analysis.

Sending the Exception Report

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