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Datastore licensing for Local Copy users

Understand how your Local Copy license works.

To create a datastore, your Local Copy Administrator must supply:

  • a valid license file that’s specific to the project and to the Aconex user login of a project member

  • a matching license key that unlocks this license file.

A datastore license has an expiry date — typically, it’s the date that the Aconex service agreement ends. You’ll still be able to access all the information currently in a datastore with an expired license, but the datastore won’t be updated past the expiry date.

15 days before your license expires Local Copy will prompt you to renew every day until the expiry. Your Local Copy administrator will need to extend or renew the license.

Your Administrator can also change the Aconex user login that a datastore uses, but a new license file and license key will be needed for the new user.

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