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Import a Local Copy job

You can bring jobs that have been exported from one computer to a new one.
  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder where you put your exported file(s).
  2. Copy the path to that location and return to Local copy.
file location
  1. Go to Local Copy, click on the New Job tab then click the Import Job button.
import job

The Import Existing Job dialog will open.

  1. Paste the path into the Datastore Location area and click Start.
datastore path

A dialog will appear while the files are being prepared for import.

loading archives
  1. Select the job(s) you want to import. You can select all by clicking the top checkbox.
jobs import select
  1. Now click on the View Jobs tab. You will see your imported jobs in the list.

Note that the imported jobs will need to be activated before you can work with them. Click here for instructions on activating jobs.

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