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Move your Local Copy archive to a new computer

Your Local Copy jobs (or archives) can be transferred to new machines as required – just follow the steps below.

Maybe you have a new computer, maybe you want to share an job with a colleague – you can easily create a transferable archive of your job using Local Copy's export and import functions.

There are three steps in the process.

  1. Export a job (or jobs)
  2. Import the job(s) into Local Copy on your new machine
  3. Activate the imported job(s) to access them

Get an overview in this article and then start the process by following the links to detailed instructions for each step.

Export a job

The first thing you'll need to do is export the job or jobs you want to transfer.

You can transfer your archived job (which is created as a .job file) via a shared network folder or with a portable device or USB stick.

Click here to get detailed instructions on exporting a Local Copy job.

Import a job

Importing a job is as simple as locating the archive you created when you exported the job.

To do this, use Windows Explorer to navigate to the directory containing the job. Then copy the path to that folder – you'll need it to direct Local Copy to import the job.

Click here to run through the steps for importing jobs.

Activate a job

Once you've imported a job, you'll see be able to see the job listed in the View Jobs tab.

You'll see a notification that the job requires activation before you can access it.

Read the article on activating an archive here.

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